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September 27, 2017


Steven Clarke

Yes, there are tweaks to capitalism that could work. Tweaks that would tweak the mix of public and private sector activity towards the latter.

I believe deregulation of land use restrictions would be such a tweak:

* It would allow a reallocation of workers to our most productive cities.

* It would reduce housing costs - allowing consumption of and investment in productive goods and services.

* It would allow productivity gains from economies of scale in the retail sector.

* It would reduce huge inequalities in wealth.

These ideas are consistent with rightist ideas, but not interests.

Tories are too much on the side of rentiers rather than producers.

Luis Enrique

Isn't everything that you advocate also compatible with the continuation of capitalism? Maybe you need to stop calling yourself a Marxist. Or can you explain what you'd do to end capitalism? I don't think greater worker ownership, reducing the concentration of capital, does it, unless you also make it impossible for any one person to accumulate more capital than the next.

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