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November 05, 2017



Capitalism may have delivered no growth in the UK but Global wealth continues to grow.

As with a lot of us, if you tried less hard, you’d get better results.


“Universal Credit. It’s based upon a belief in the morality of work”.... No it isn't. Its creators use a widely held faith in work to sell what its actually based on which is Conditionality. Its servitude: a necessity for British free market capitalism? If not, there's one hell of a government failure to focus upon.


I believe you are making the same mistake as much of the right: conflating capitalism and free markets. Genuinely free markets are transparent and contestible; they compete away economic rents and afford no benefit to incumbents. Capitalism hates this; it seeks rents and pursues this goal by doing all it can to rig markets.

It's my view that the right should give up its defence of capitalism and instead circle the wagons around the freedom of markets. Doing so will incur the enmity of Big Capital, but it will win electoral support.

Matthew Young

"Dear right-wingers"

Right wingers defend capitalism? Sounds more like the poster has a very naive political theory.

Ralph Musgrave

Capitalism brings about far and away the biggest increase in living standards in human history, and
allegedly the fact that capitalism has not resulted in a productivity increase in a limited number of countries over a ten year period is a significant criticism of capitalism. Not sure about that. (Not that I'm suggesting capitalism is anywhere near problem free.)


First I mistakenly read "How to define capitalism". Which would be an even more interesting subject, since lots of disagreements are due to people arguing about something they don't define in the same way. Like "capitalism" being defined as free markets or capital accumulation, for example.

Nicholas Shaxson

Good, but this "Some (such as low corporate taxes) are more defensible than others" - suggests you support low corp taxes. There are umpteen reasons why low corporate taxes are a problem. See, e.g., here https://www.taxjustice.net/2015/03/18/new-report-ten-reasons-to-defend-the-corporate-income-tax/

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