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January 23, 2018


James Cranch

"It is a relatively new phenomenon"

I'm not sure! It reminds me of the Victorian industrialist W H Lever, who built the model village Port Sunlight on the Wirral. His paternalistic reasoning for doing so was, "It would not do you much good if you send it down your throats in the form of bottles of whisky, bags of sweets, or fat geese at Christmas. On the other hand, if you leave the money with me, I shall use it to provide for you everything that makes life pleasant – nice houses, comfortable homes, and healthy recreation."

Roy Lonergan

The well known pint after the gym effect.

Andy S

Is the converse also true?- Those who show unusually good/altruistic behaviour are trying to atone for guilt of some kind? Think Jimmy Savile and his charity fundraising.

Robert Lindwall

What do you think of the Sanchez trade?

(Great post by the way)

Dave Timoney

I wonder what the overlap in attendance between Davos and the President's Club charity gala is?


Nasty side-effect is right-wing propaganda painting the Left as the Global "Elite", redirecting working-class anger and resentment towards authoritarian populism (see Trump, Brexit).

At least, I hope that it's an unintended side-effect...

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