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January 09, 2018



Ooh, little bit of contrarianism, my name's Chris Dillow, goodnight!

Your paradox looks a bit less paradoxical when you consider that the people who nominate a serial failure and professional oaf like Young for responsible positions are also working on "revealed talent", the talent in this case being the ability to bullshit and troll and get paid for it ("must be doing something right...").


I don't think anyone would argue that their past rules out anything entirely, but what does grate is the total lack of contrition for his past work until prompted to offer it. I'm not asking that he, or anyone else, for that matter, do some kind of 'walk of shame' to repent their past sins, but it just reeks of entitlement as it stands. He' a 50 something male whose entire career has consisted of boorishly, 'saying the unsayable' to the delight of his fanbase, so it should be of no surprise whatsoever that he's created a lot of enemies on the way, which is slightly different from some guy who committed a crime, has spent some time learning the error of his ways and is then rehabilitated back into society.


«hirers place a premium upon revealed talent – those with the right CV. [ ... ] doing the same thing that companies do»

But companies don't hire anybody -- managers do. And they don't hire "revealed talent", they simply cover their behinds by hiring on the basis of paperwork that cannot be disputed. In bureaucratic organizations paperwork trumps judgement.

As to T Young, he has lots of "revealed talent" in his past: he is a very reliable and zealous promoter of the Conservative point of view, and that is the principal qualifications to be a Conservative appointee to the board of a QUANGO.

The same for G Osborne as editor for the "Evening Standard" despite not having any qualification for editing a daily, or the previous editor of the "Evening Standard", S Sands, becoming editor of "Today" at the BBC despite not having any qualifications for broadcast journalism.
They are eminently qualified to promote the Conservative point of view.

Bloke in North Dorset

"Similarly, my reputation means I’m unemployable elsewhere: who wants to hire someone who seems to mix dull technocracy with class hatred?"

I never found your writing dull and over the years I have been reading you since at about 2007 when Devils Kitchen put me on to you and I have learnt a lot and had my priors challenged.

So I say this with some sadness as someone who was brought up in a working class area of the West Riding in the '60s and early '70s and who's father was brought up in the slums of Bradford and wasn't allowed to take up a full scholarship with bursary at Bradford Grammar School because he had to go and work to earn money for the family because my grandfather was a drunk (probably WW1 LTSD): your class hatred is starting to get tedious and detracts from your otherwise excellent blog.

PS Despite where I live, I am not a Tory and I met DK when getting involved with the failed LPUK.


Poor Toby! It must be hard for him and his quasi-Nazi views to be rejected.

From Arse To Elbow

The naive principle of yesterday's weather (that continuity is more probable than not) recognises that most people will fail to change their behaviour: reform is the exception. The issue with Toby Young is not the Bayesian probability of his essential cuntishness, but the absence of evidence that might convince us he has mended his ways.

A revealed ex-con in a job interview is required to convince the interviewer that she is a reformed character. Though some of Young's supporters have claimed that his advocacy of free schools and his involvement with the New Schools Network were evidence of a turn towards the serious as well as relevant experience, this failed to convince his critics because he had admitted the former was motivated by self-interest while the latter is a partisan lobby.

The problem with Young is not the weight of his past misdemeanours but that most people think he is dishonest, hence no amount of repentance is going to make a difference.

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