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February 27, 2018


Jonathan da Silva

Aren't they [Corbyn McDonnell] in the lexicon and nomenclature of the old Marxist left, I was around, Centrists? This seems for reasons probably to do with the 30 year gap in large mobile left to have come to mean people who consider themselves in the Centre which it was never used to mean. I mean Social Democrats or Liberals but even Benn would barely have been considered a Centrist as not a Marxist but certainly McDonnell and maybe Corbyn.

One aspect of modern political mores I don't get is why people would self describe as moderate (although I agree they are) and why they despite the war, torture, PFI, rendition, locking up child refugees, not cleaning hospitals, 90 day detention ambition, silencing whistleblowers in NHS, neo Lib stuff like charging for hospital car parking and monetising the friends of hospital tea ladies for Costa et al machines, lax bank regulation, QE/Land Ramping/Speculation etc etc consider themselves anything but extremists and authoritarians for all their 'centre' ness.


"They are instead radcial(ish) social democrats whose priority is to improve living conditions for workers."

yes of course. that's why there are lots of photos of Corbyn and McDonnell meeting Scandinavian style social democrats and not a single one anywhere of Corbyn and McDonnell with hard left nutters like Chavez or Maduro or photos of either of them appearing on stages surrounded by communist flags.


Another great post. However, Labour has always been the party of business. The relationship is, of course, symbiotic. If only our management were required to know this, our capitalism might function for the better. The thing about accusations of “Marxism”, wacky right-wing evangelists have been using and abusing the term for so long in order to have something to say, it now has no coherent meaning outside the pages of dusty academia. Among everyday voters its just a recognised term of abuse; much like wanker or prick...a conversation stopper.


So on a Labour victory you will be advising your IC readers to load up on sterling as the UK will obviously be flooded with foreign investment seeking this higher profit rate.
Got it.

Noah Carl

Until about 18 months ago when he began to smell the wafts of power emanating from Downing Street, wasn't Corbyn among the most Eurosceptic MPs in the House of Commons?

Arthur Murray

@ Dipper

You can learn a lot from photo-journalism. I never knew that when Trump was interviewed by Gove, that Murdoch was present. Luckily "The Times" splashed a front-page photograph of the the three of them.
And then, the day after Davis had to leave the EU negotiations early, there was a photograph of Dacre and Davis eating together on the front of the "Daily Mail".
And what about all those photographs of Cameron on a bird-shooting weekend in the "Daily Telegraph"?

Andreas Paterson

cjcjc - Labour's plans are fiscally expansionary, so we'd expect to see interest rates rise more quickly on a Labour victory. So being long sterling on the expectation of a Labour victory would make sense.

Dave Timoney


Maduro, like Chavez before him, isn't a Marxist but a Bolivarian. His worldview is essentially sovereigntist, which in the circumstances of Venezuela tends towards anti-americanism and autarky. Chavez's leftism was largely confined to limited participative democracy and coops, both of which would find favour with all but the most statist social democrats these days. While the government has become more authoritarian under Maduro, this is well within the norm for Venezuela.

Also, bear in mind that the red flag is a pan-left symbol, which was originally adopted by socialists in 1848. There isn't actually a communist flag as such, merely national variants that have appropriated red background. As with SWP banners at rallies, red flags tell you little about the sympathies of speakers.


@ from Arse to Elbow

well I'm sure you're right about Venezuela. the problem is that Corbyn and his followers didn't say that. They said Venezuela is a template for the UK. shows socialism in action etc.

I'll have to dash now as I've got to look up all those Scandanavian Social Democrat quotes on restricting free press, wealth tax, wholesale nationalisation etc. I may be a while.


@ Arthur Murray - what are you on about? Nice to see you don't challenge the basics of my argument.

@ from Arse to Elbow. Knew I'd forgotten something. Seizing people's houses. Always a popular social-democrat policy in Scandinavia.


«wasn't Corbyn among the most Eurosceptic MPs in the House of Commons?»

Up to you to provide the evidence for that, to prove that J Corbyn lies when he says that he has been a 75% pro-EU for many years.


@andreas that’s not all they are though!

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