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April 23, 2018


Uncle Bruno

Posh white people frequently suffer from "impostor syndrome", often because they are impostors benefiting from background instead of merit. Being around talented people from modest backgrounds really rubs their noses in it, which makes them uncomfortable.

Luis Enrique

The status quo self replicates. I don't for a moment imagine sexism and racism are history, but I do think that if by magic all sexist and racist instincts were wiped from everyone's minds, we'd see gender and racially unbalanced outcomes persist for generations because of inertia similar to what you describe

Noah Carl

Another factor could be virtue-signalling. There are often calls by Guardian journalists for the profession "to become more diverse". One obvious way to achieve greater diversity would be for some of the journalists from privileged backgrounds to give up their jobs. But none of them seem to want to do this...



I don't know whether the data is available, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Guardian and BBC were the "poshest" places by a country mile.

PS is there any evidence that poorer people more readily lose motivation after reaching a "pay the bills" level of success?

Maurits Pino

Totally off-topic: will you devote a blogpost to the Finnish basic income experiment? Thanks!


In addition to everything already said:

Surely hiring posh journalists is the best way to get scoops from posh politicians and posh civil servants?

chris purnell

If you joined a HR interviewing panel it could be bracing for all concerned.


Oh come on, be fair. You want diverse opinion drawn from diverse schools of thought when pundits know for sure there's nothing beyond an aspiring working class artisan other than bullying abusive trolls with illegitimate intent. The odd wacky professor, fringe media, wayward polls, all safely ignored in favour of a professional approach which understands nudge economics, sanctions, failure and the odd bomb will bring all to rights – will once again gain control. The alternative is Corbyn for gods sake!


Related: I met a NYT foreign correspondent at a party a while back and asked her how they prevent bias in stories. She explained that editors rigorously check all stories for accuracy and bias. I said, sure, but who selects which stories become news? And she said the editors could be relied up to be impartial. I was pretty depressed by that conversation because there was no sense that an institutionalized bias could exist. And that is what depresses me a bit about the BBC and the Graun: posh liberals decide what is news on the basis of what is important to them. For reference: I’m neither posh nor liberal. And I find Channel 4 News culturally alienating.

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