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September 30, 2018


Ahmed Fares

Workers earn their marginal product. Equity for workers means lower wages.

Besides, if workers want equity, they can buy it in the stock market with a portion of their wages.


"We have mechanisms which point to house prices falling because of Brexit: lower income expectations, plus heightened uncertainty "

and of course, we are no longer committed to increasing the population of the UK by the size of a medium european Nation in a generation, and no longer have to build houses for an additional 16 million people.


"The lack of detailed proposals for Brexit, for example, is as Chris Grey says, a sign that Brexiters just haven’t confronted basic realities."

Well this comment is just the academic equivalent of the Communist-era Russian who visited a supermarket and wondered how the government organised all this.

Remainer Academics really are all idiots. They think unless they personally plan every detail, nothing will happen. If they'd worked in industry they would know that businesses fill opportunities creatively and in ways academics cannot predict.

Deep down, I really desperately hope these soviet era idiots with their massively inflated egos and completely unwarranted belief in their own intellectual omniscience don't succeed in overturning Brexit. If they force us to stay in, life in this country will be reduced to a permanent grey fog of hectoring lectures from self-important imbeciles about how they are right and how we should all do what they say despite there being no evidence anywhere they have any clue.


so you want detail on Brexit? Here's some on the Irish Border. https://brexitcentral.com/solution-irish-border/

For those who demand detail on Brexit, I look forward to the detail of how the detail of the EU regulations managed to allow Beef that was in fact Horse to be sold in the UK, and the detail of how EU financial regulations allowed the small detail of a sum of €200,000,000,000 to be laundered in Estonian banks over a period of ten years. That is a sum roughly equivalent to the GDP of Estonia over that period. You would have thought that someone somewhere would have noticed. Or perhaps the detail of how EU regulations allowed diesel emission tests to be systematically falsified.

Opponents of Brexit are demanding a level of detail and regulatory guarantees far beyond what the EU itself is capable of delivering, so as such it is a dishonest debate.

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