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December 02, 2018



I don't care whether the Tories are in or Labour is in. Just so long as the place seems competently run and my life does not change very much. I don't care what their agenda is or what their manifesto contains, neither seems to mean a thing.

I don't think Cameron had any notion of agenda when he called the Referendum, it was something he was forced into. As we can see, those who did the forcing had very little idea what their agenda really was, or did they?

Brexit seems irrelevant to the real problems facing the UK. How does a rather over-stable, over-mature country make a living? Not by giving up a big market in order to sell mint cakes to the South Seas. There really does not seem much room for manoeuvre. No scientific miracles, a few railway lines will not make much difference and it is not obvious that making the teachers work a bit harder will achieve much either.

A large corporate in such a position might be a takeover target for an asset stripper and perhaps that is the real agenda behind Brexit. In which case it is an agenda to keep well hidden. Then there was the racial agenda. But that was self inflicted through lousy housing policy. Now we will pay a much bigger price than a few green fields.

I agree the Tories are doing a lousy job and Brexit is a good cover story. Our main problem seems there is never enough money and bandwidth to achieve more than small temporary fixes. A lack of long term planning makes us compare badly with the French and Germans. Our agendas seem to change with the wind and that has been the way for the past 60 years. Our parliament seems a very very efficient way of doing nothing at all.

The real agenda is money. Where is it coming from and where can it be chopped. Traditionally Labour is short on finding money and short on chopping it, the Tories short on making money for us and long on chopping services. Post Brexit I think neither Tories nor Labour will have any money and that nice plump Christmas goose the NHS looks ripe for plucking, chop chop, another well hidden agenda.

Agendas, bah humbug.


In true Swiftian fashion, can I point out that the disputatious groups are actually Big-Endian and Little-Endian!

Dave Timoney

One of the characteristics of the neoliberal era has been the idea that the agenda is set by global forces beyond the control of any domestic political party: "I hear people say we have to stop and debate globalisation. You might as well debate whether autumn should follow summer." - Tony Blair, Labour Party annual conference, 2005.

Leaving aside the ideology for a moment, one result of this may have been to lead politicians to assume that they had limited influence on the agenda. I wonder whether a politician from an earlier era might have been more cautious than Cameron in agreeing to a referendum. In other words, the charge that he was insouciant perhaps doesn't account for the extent to which he simply couldn't imagine the agenda being changed in such a dramatic fashion.


"It can also be done by one-off top-down policies, which can themselves then build movements, as Cameron created Leavers and Remainers."

Nonsense. The Leave vote existed for decades, growing steadily post ERM, Maarstricht, the Euro debacles, and the Lisbon Treaty referendum promise betrayal. The political class had completely ignored it, allowing it no voice whatsoever, until UKIP arrived on the scene and gave those people a voice. I've been anti-EEC (as then was) since the late 80s, and haven't had a chance until UKIP came along to make my democratic voice heard. I'm not the only one either.... there's 17.4m of us now, and we didn't all suddenly become of the anti-EU opinion because David Cameron decided to give us an outlet for our views on the matter.

How arrogant are you to state that 17.4 million people casting their votes in a way you don't like have been 'created' by a politician giving them a vote? You just want to ignore their views in the same way you have for 40+ years.

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