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December 05, 2018



Just another scream of 'If only the proles hadn't been given a vote on something we'd been hiding from them for decades, we enlightened folk could have gone on having our own way regardless!'..........

Tony of CA

The Brexit is primarily a mess due to the capital class trying to gain an upward position from the breakup. Overall, I think Labor will ultimately make out better outside the EU: The EU is the ultimate capital government structure. It's capital project at its'core.


No need of a consideration of counterfactuals to understand and apportion blame for current parliamentary chaos. Administrations conjoined with corporate media culture hiding behind economic justification are rancid. Today's political pantomime was well under way before extras were invited on stage to lend it support. How many more decades has it to run, and how will it end given none of its principled principal actors will willingly own their own shit is the pertinent question imo.


Wasn't the real threat of chaos that David Cameron was alluding to not that posed by a Labour-only government, but rather that posed by the Labour/SNP coalition which in 2015 was the most likely alternative to a Tory-led government?

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