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February 02, 2019


Paul Stephen Walker

Why is Coase a paper in support of central planning? One of the things Coase pointed out was why firms have boundaries and that one firm cannot produce everything. I would see this as an argument as to why central planning cannot work.


@ Paul - that was as much a comment about Marx as anything! The point is that Coase shows that there's a range of activity over which central planning does work. The question is: how great is that range?

Paul Walker

Chris. I take your point, planning works in the small when embeded in a system of markets. But if a firm got really big wouldn't Mises type anti-socialism arguments apply to the firm?


Great collection. I've book marked it. Thanks!


Thanks for this. I'll start with the Coase :-)

Ralph Musgrave

"...populists are using many of the tactics snake oil sellers used." What - so other politicians and politicians wouldn't dream of telling a porkie? Hilarious.

Why was Tony Blair's nickname B.Liar? Did Jack Straw try to cover up the expenses scandal or didn't he?

Luis Enrique

a pedant writes: I don't think "cannot be predicted by a set of crude observable characteristics" equals “fundamentally random process”

Mike W

Last week Chris Bertram asked me to tweet the covers of books I’ve enjoyed, which I interpreted for the most part as books which made a big impact upon me.

Thanks. Very interesting. Did you ever do the book selection for him?

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