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March 09, 2019


Dave Timoney

I think you're being generous in considering Phillips the least of offenders. She may well be a good constituency MP and has effectively campaigned on domestic violence and other issues, but she has achieved little and seems only too happy to be known for her performance.

In a more serious, substantive political culture, I suspect she would be pretty obscure. Her promotion by the media appears to be because her ego is large enough to fill the policy void of centrism. The problem then is not just that we have effaced reality, but that we are beginning to breed monsters.


"It’s hate migrants, love miners."

Heh. One wonders what La Phillips feels the correct attitude towards miners ought to be.

I don't think this is a cheap shot, it seems to be a core (and increasingly explicit) current within bourgeois liberal ideology.

Ray Thomson

Other crucial difference is that Labour's not been in power for a while.


JP's ground truth is but a part – highlighting egregious consequences, with little or no concern for cause beyond masculinity, is to offer nothing but support for more prison places. (My apologies if at some point somewhere a connection with socio-economic stress and a good life is made, I haven't seen or heard any such).
And are you being fair, fact/data driven, re who might be emboldening anit-semites?


Yes, he might well have emboldened anti-semites...

[ Care to explain this absurd, really awful, accusation. I am appalled at this absurd accusation. ]


To Chris it looks like post-modern politics. To me, it looks like developing world politics: corruption, dishonesty, lies, massive wealth transfers below the radar. We thought we’d export British values, but it seems more like we’ve imported everyone else’s bad habits.


“There’s a massive difference between the two. May’s hatred of migrants has ruined lives: caused the deportation of British citizens, forced people out of work and denied them healthcare. Corbyn’s 70s politics has had done much less damage*.”

Whether or not the conclusion about the relative unsuitability of the two for a leading political office is correct: This argument strikes me as being far below the standard of this blog.

Of course May has done much more damage than Corbyn – as Ray Thomson has stated, she has political power and he hasn’t. Would she have been in opposition, her hatred of immigrants wouldn’t have had much practical effect either. And only if Corbyn gets to govern will we find out how much damage his myopia (Israel-related and otherwise) will do in practice.

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