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September 17, 2019


Dave Timoney

Though basic income trials to date have been small-scale and sometimes quite deliberately hamstrung, what's notable is how consistent the positive benefits reported by the participants have been in areas such as mental health, career confidence and life satisfaction.

Ralph Musgrave

"Giving workers a stake might raise productivity...". I believe there is emprical evidence (from the US I think) that firms with a significant % of shares being owned by employees, are more productive than those where employees have no stake. Unfortunately I can't remember the name, author etc of that study.


"There should be more to politics than mindless “customer is king” consumerism."

Yes indeed. More fiscal than monetary policies. More value than simply price, more wage and pension than profit.

The next Labour givernment will edge-away the notion that the market makes politics unnecessary. History is not quite ended, she was just outsouced to Capita but now the franchise is ending.



Labour's proposal is really not to give workers a 10% stake though, is it?


Yep. There always has to be the question of what kind of behaviours, even what kind of subjectivity, a policy is going to foster in the longer term - because policies will have those longer-term effects, whether you've foreseen them or not. (If you looked at Labour's manifesto in 1997, you probably wouldn't have said "give this lot a decade and people will admire the police and despise the unemployed", but...) Read Some Effin' Aristotle.

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