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September 12, 2019



Further doubts on the story here:



Over on CT someone made a comment about Brexiteers going short GBP, so I noted the rate at that time. It's 1.18% up on that rate at the moment.

When I worked in FX what was noticeable was the longer people had worked in it, the less they said.

Opening an account at a broker to trade FX or futures is pretty easy. Anyone can do it. Perhaps all those broadcasting how the Evil Geniuses of Brexit are making millions from shorting things would like to have a go themselves.

Robert S Mitchell

It's cute that Mr. Dillow thinks hedge funds can only serve domestic clients.


More grist to your mill: Odey called the 2016 referendum 'right' in that he guessed we'd vote out. Expecting disaster, he sold equities before the event and put the proceeds into cash (sterling): as it turns out, this was almost the exact opposite of what you should have done, as overseas equities and multinational UK-listed large caps shot up as sterling dropped, and within weeks even small-cap UK equities were rebounding too. This is why he had such a dismal 2016.
Never blame a conspiracy when you can adequately explain it through incompetence!

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