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January 16, 2020


Roy Lonergan

Re the page 86 quote, presumably there’s also a question of large v small economies? If Ireland were subbed in for the US then that paragraph would be wrong.

Stuart Hughes

Is there a lot of overlap with their book Poor Economics?


@ Stuart - surprisingly little. There's much more focus on the west/US. And the evidence they cite comes in many forms other than RCTs.

George Carty

"some voters looked instead at what they perceived to be the adverse cultural impact of it."

Is this a way of saying that they voted for Brexit because they perceived immigrants to be disproportionately likely to commit crimes? If crime is the issue, why not say so?


“High top tax rates, they say, “are a perfectly sensible way to limit the explosion of top income inequality””

“Worse still, Banerjee and Duflo over-rate the importance of ideas and under-rate the sheer power, material and ideological, of the rich.”

So how does making government revenue relatively more dependent on rich people’s wealth reduce the power and influence of the rich over government policy?

Imagine if the entire US government was funded from taxes on FANG corporations. Would that make Congress more or less likely to pass antitrust legislation which might reduce those corporations’ profits?

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