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September 10, 2020



"These would provide space for people to consider policy issues on the basis of evidence provided by expert witnesses. Policy formation would then become insulated from press pressure"

Ah the divine beings that are 'experts'. So called experts are not some sort of omniscient saints searching for objective truth, but human beings with their own personal biases and political views just like everyone else.

When it comes to political decisions you can select the experts who will give the answers you want. All your concept does is move is move the power to those who select the experts who 'advise' the citizens.

Dave Timoney

The hysteria displayed by the press towards new media is all the evidence you need that it has significantly expanded "freedom of expression". However, while the press in its traditional form may well wither away, there will clearly be an attempt to constrain new media & recreate those structural conditions congenial to the rich.

Ultimately, the solution has to address ownership - i.e. prevent other right-wing billionaires from buying up Murdoch's papers but also prevent them dominating new media, as Zuckerberg has.

There was a recent article in the Guardian written by software (it wasn't that impressive), in which the twist in the tale was that it was only presentable due to the work of editors. Rather than replacing journalists with AI, what we might benefit from is replacing editors with citizens juries (yes, there are practical difficulties, but bear with me), thereby breaking the influence of owners.

Miguel Madeira

"This split reflects a general divide about the nature of freedom. The right has traditionally identified this with an absence of state intervention. The left has replied that freedom in this sense often permits too much private sector inequality "

An interesting thing is that, about the social networks, the pattern seems to be the opposite.

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