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August 04, 2021



Good heavens. I wish I'd seen that Adam Smith quote (mumble) years ago. I do indeed feel seen.

Tasker Dunham

After school in the 1960s (a grammar school boy) I spent several unhappy years as a Chartered Accountants articled clerk. My public school contemporaries tended to get the best jobs and hence the best experience. While I was stuck in the office working on accounts for the likes of hairdressers and shopkeepers, they spent most of their time out at manufacturers and professional clients, partly because they had their own cars to get there, but mainly because they were more socially at ease with wealthy managers and directors.


One thing you can say about g-dropping is that it hasn't held back the career of Home Sectretary Priti Patel. Or maybe it has, would she be Prime Minister now if she didn't drop her gs?

Another thing to say is Priti Patel, Alex Scott and Bertie Wooster would all pronounce Huntin, Shootin and Fishin the same way.

There is no or too little social mobility. What is the best way to change this, run the economy closer to its full potentail or spend some money on speech and drama lessons in comprehensives.

Can you do anything about the class system in England? Is the proportion of snobs very high amongst the English, or is it genetically determined and so the same around the world.


Perceptive chap Adam Smith. A few more barriers for the upward oik - the clogs to clogs effect. The effect of a poor marriage and rotten idle kids. The seriously rich suffer these problems but can afford the payout. The seriously posh have it all tied up tight with some harmless role for the useless. The only problem is keeping them out of the DM.



August 5, 2021

Starmer urges Labour to embrace Blair’s legacy as he vows to win next election
Leader of UK’s main opposition party says he is ‘acutely aware’ he has to rebuild its relationship with business

[ Labour leadership as planned is now all "con." How distressing. ]


"People from working-class backgrounds earn less than those from posh ones even when they have the same levels of experience and education."

Isn't this frightfully ergodic? What does any of that have to do with me? Isn't Adam Smith just telling some story, discarding as much data as needed to keep it going?

"social mobility is no substitute for genuine equality."

Why not give me enough of a basic income so I can live without having to interact with those upperclass twits of the year?

Jan Wiklund

I like your comment "It’s wholly reasonable for employers to want people they can trust or who look like they are safer bets."

In fact, Charles Tilly has formulated a whole theory about that explaining all kinds of discrimination, see Durable inequality, https://www.ucpress.edu/book/9780520221703/durable-inequality

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